We have so far registered 71,418 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Cinthiam LeeJanuary 26, 1917
Thomas LeedbetterDecember 26, 1917Born in Fleetwood
Edward LeeNovember 13, 1911Born in Ilford
Ernest William LeeNovember 26, 1921Born in Nantymoel, S. Wales
James Patrick LeegeNovember 7, 1919
James LeeSeptember 18, 1925
J. B. LeeMay 12, 1919Born in Salford
John LeeNovember 18, 1927Born in Salford
John LeeApril 6, 1914Born in London
Joseph Lee (Lie)November 2, 1920Born in Newcastle
Maurice E. LeeSeptember 15, 1911Born in Coley
Harry Edward LeemingAugust 31, 1927Born in Eire
Norman LeeMay 24, 1924
Normann LeeFebruary 6, 1925Born in Glasgow
Oliver Michael LeeSeptember 29, 1926Born in Trinidad
Joseph LeesOctober 17, 1924Born in Liverpool
John LeggeSeptember 27, 1917Born in Aberdeen
George LeggSeptember 6, 1924Born in Birtley
William LeggottJanuary 19, 1918Born in Lakefield, Ont.
Ernest LehamOctober 9, 1918Born in London
Clarence Leigh1914Lived in Manchester
James LeighFebruary 28, 1906Lived in 2 Coswell Str., Swansea
Raymond LeighMarch 5, 1922Lived in Blackpool
Gibson M. LeightonMay 18, 1925Born in Cardiff
Andrew H. LeishmanJanuary 19, 1925Born in Larbert