We have so far registered 70,492 seafarers

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Belongs to nationality

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Mamoud Radwan Ibrahim1902Born in Egypt
Mohamed IbrahimMarch 13, 1904Born in Suez
Mohamed Baln Ibrahim1899Born in Alexandria, Egypt
Mustafa Ibrahim1901Lived in Zaod Zaghloul & abow el. Hassan Port Said
Aly Mohammed Ilkouseoa1904Born in Suez
Aly Hussein Ismail1908
Mohamed F. IsmailNovember 8, 1896Born in Alexandria
Riad Mohamed Ismail1893
Issa Mohamed Issa1911Lived in El Amedy Str. Georges House Port Said.
Abdul Issa IssaNovember 4, 1919
Musad ( Musåd) Iweda1920Born in Port Said
Mahmoud Sheikboun El Jamani1902Born in Guirga
Ismail Arzalan Jehia1902Lived in Egypt
Abdel Falbal Mohamed Jehia1898Born in Alexandria
Fahny Daovd Jaak1911Lived in Daman Rd. Port Said, Egypt
Moh. Moris Kadron1918Born in Egypt
Saide Ibraham Kalill1908Born in Egypt
Saloma Kaabi Kalil1910Born in Egypt
Ahamd Kaline1903Born in Port Said
Arabi KassenOctober 16, 1910Born in Port Said
Hassan Abdul Kerian1901Born in Egypt
Mohamed Ragab Khadr1890Born in Roretta
Hanoun Hnssein Khalid1884Born in Assnon, Egypr
Maurice Khalil1913Born in Cairo
Ibarhim Ali El Kheleeni1906Lived in Ras El Tin Str., Mofia 73, Alexandria