We have so far registered 71,059 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Anjad Allee
Cassam AlleebaBorn in Ratnagiri, India
Jahare AlleeLived in Turner Morrison & Co, Calcutta, India
Joorcam AlleeLived in Thana-Balagange. P.O. Vill: Alipore Sylhat, India
Sonawar AlleeBorn in Sylhet, India
Torab AlleeBorn in Noakhali, India
Tossir AlleeLived in Thana-Boulavibazar, Vill: Helalpur, India
AllimullaLived in Thana-Balagange, P.O. Latiffpore, Will Alipore, India
Allorcallee1908Born in Sylhet, India
Amanulla1902Born in India
Hooseinkhan AmedhkanLived in Shipping Office, Bombay, India
Peer Amhad1923Born in India
AminoolahBorn in India
Aminulla1902Born in Noakhali, India
AminullaBorn in India
Aminullah1911Born in India
Amirahamad1894Born in Chittagong, India
Ibrain Ammot1920Born in Sekar, India
Noil AndradaSeptember 2, 1922Born in Bombay, India
Appaua1892Born in Vizagapotam
Ali Ashraf1922Born in Noakhali
Aslamullah1919Born in Calcutta
Asmatullah1904Born in Noakhali
AsmuthatheLived in Ukjent
Mohd Assim