We have so far registered 69,557 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Charles Henry (R.) AndersonBorn in Uk.
Eric AndersonSeptember 28, 1910Born in Uk
Ernst AndersonMarch 25, 1924Born in Newcastle, Uk
Frank AndersonNovember 25, 1923Born in Battlefield, Shropfield, Uk.
George AndersonAugust 14, 1927Born in Glasgow, Uk
George AndersonLived in Uk
James AndersonMay 28, 1928Born in Edinburgh, Skottland
James AndersonMarch 8, 1920Born in Essex, Uk
James AndersonJune 6, 1925Born in Dumfries, Skottland
James K. AndersonNovember 9, 1922Born in Arbroath,Angus, Skottland
Jim AndersonLived in uk.
John AndersonFebruary 24, 1923Born in Manchester, Uk
John AndersonMay 14, 1924Born in Stevenstone, Ayrshire, Skottland
John AndersonNovember 10, 1922Lived in 27 Fort Street, Broughty Ferry, Dundee, Skottland
John Henry AndersonJanuary 19, 1926Born in Leith, Skottland
Josef AndersonFebruary 6, 1913Born in Glasgow, Uk
Julius Omar AndersonJuly 18, 1927Born in Hartlepool, Uk
Leonard AndersonSeptember 11, 1927Born in Aston in Makerfield, Manchester, Ok
Leonard AndersonMay 24, 1928Lived in Uk.
Mona AndersonLived in 6 Carrol Street, Swansea, Uk.
Oswald J. AndersonJune 6, 1925Lived in Uk.
Patrick AndersonAugust 20, 1912Born in County Cork, Irland
Peter B. AndersonMarch 10, 1926Born in Ayre, Uk
Robert AndersonAugust 19, 1915Born in Manchester, Uk.
Robert AndersonFebruary 20, 1923Born in Glasgow, Uk.