We have so far registered 72,472 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Carl Andreas Andersen1795Born in Stutti
Carl Andreas Andersen1783Born in Høvåg, Stutti
Carl Anton AndersenFebruary 6, 1852Lived in Vestre Askerøen, Dypvaag
Carl Martin AndersenJuly 30, 1854Born in Søndeled
Carl(s)berg Ansgar AndersenJune 4, 1901Born in Arendal
Christen Andersen1800Born in Kirkekleiv
Christen AndersenDecember 20, 1799Born in Risør
Christen Andersen1810Born in Kristiansand
Christen Emil Andersen1866Born in Åkerøy
Christen Gunerius AndersenJune 29, 1912Born in Hisøy
Christen Martinius AndersenSeptember 7, 1849Born in Risør
Dagfinn Munch AndersenNovember 18, 1906Born in Oddernes
Daniel AndersenMarch 16, 1845Born in Søndeled
Edvard AndersenJune 10, 1896Born in Søndeled
Egil AndersenMay 12, 1926Born in Vestre Moland
Einar Emanuel AndersenJanuary 21, 1912Born in Holt
Einar Grunde AndersenDecember 21, 1920Born in Vik
Eivind AndersenMay 10, 1848Born in Gjerstad
Ellef Andersen1755Born in Eide, Enge
Ellef AndersenSeptember 1, 1878Born in Holt
Ellef AndersenJuly 19, 1884Born in Risør
Ellef Martin AndersenJanuary 3, 1869Born in Søndeled
Elling Johan AndersenApril 11, 1892Born in Eide
Erik AndersenJuly 6, 1871Born in Søndeled
Erik AndersenOctober 27, 1857Born in Søndeled