We have so far registered 72,478 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Harold RileyNovember 30, 1900Lived in Manchester
J. RileyOctober 30, 1914Born in Lane
Paul RileySeptember 25, 1911Born in Glasgow
Thomas RileyNovember 20, 1919
James N. RimmerMay 17, 1908Born in England
John RimmerJanuary 3, 1923Born in LIverpool
Martin RimmerJanuary 24, 1927Born in Formby
Nicolas James RimmerMay 12, 1906Lived in Johannesburg
Jerry RineyJuly 1, 1899Born in Kennare Irland
James RintoulJanuary 25, 1924Born in London
Gerald RiordanOctober 12, 1923Born in Glasgow
Ronald RisbeyNovember 15, 1921Born in London
James RiskApril 25, 1925
Robert RitchieApril 8, 1925Lived in Tinwald Dumfries
Stanley RitchieNovember 1, 1924Lived in Tyne
William A.S RitchieDecember 11, 1905Born in Edinburgh
William RitchSeptember 22, 1909Lived in Orkney Island
George RitsenDecember 29, 1913Born in Whithaven
Monta Gue (Montague) RitterbandAugust 4, 1925Born in London
P. Moore RiversJanuary 25, 1916Born in Hindon
Harry RivkinAugust 10, 1920Born in Newcastle
William R.JonesFebruary 4, 1913Born in London, UK
John RoachApril 1, 1912Born in Liverpool
Norman Harold RoachAugust 10, 1919Born in Sydney
Peter Robarts (Roberts)November 12, 1922Lived in 4 Leys Villas, Wilney, Oxford