We have so far registered 71,059 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Emile BondyAugust 23, 1895Born in Eastview, Ontario, Canada
Paul BoninFebruary 14, 1923Born in Laurier, Manitoba, Canada
Reginald BoninAugust 5, 1915Born in Manitoba, Canada
Malcolm D. BonnellAugust 8, 1923Born in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
Raymond BoormanJuly 28, 1928Born in Toronto, Canada
Rignald BordenMay 25, 1923Born in Halifax, Canada
Burman BoucherMay 11, 1926Born in Bathurst
Joseph BouchieJanuary 7, 1892Born in River Bougeois, Canada
Arthur BoudreauFebruary 3, 1922Born in Belleville, Ontario
Walter Guy Boudreau (Baudrean)October 14, 1918Born in Elmhurst, Canada
Edgar BoudreauJanuary 14, 1918Born in Mamramcook, Canada
Leandre BoudreauFebruary 23, 1919
Walter J. BoudreauJanuary 2, 1925Born in Montreal
Douglas BouldingMarch 5, 1923Born in N. Vancouver
Leonard BourgonDecember 21, 1921Born in Verdun
Mathew BourrettMay 2, 1919Born in Canada
Cyril M. BoutilierAugust 3, 1923
William E. BowderyMay 19, 1926Born in Elgin Mills
Douglas BowellDecember 24, 1916Born in Toronto
Arnold Woodrow BowersNovember 10, 1918Born in Lunenburg
Carl G. BowesMay 14, 1927Born in Sudbury, Ont.
Frank BowesMay 24, 1925Born in Montreal
Edward Herbert BowlesJune 3, 1926Born in Montreal
John BowmanJune 25, 1925Born in Guelph
John Henry BowserNovember 25, 1922Born in Halifax