We have so far registered 69,352 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Robert AndersonBorn in Uk.
Robert Andrew AndersonMay 23, 1920Lived in 19 Charlton Street, Teams Gateshead, Uk.
Robert William AndersonJanuary 14, 1927Born in Worthing, Uk.
Roy AndersonDecember 19, 1923Born in Manchester, Uk.
Roy AndersonOctober 12, 1922Born in Heworth, Uk.
Samuel AndersonFebruary 19, 1922Lived in Uk.
Thomas AndersonMarch 8, 1923Born in Glasgow, Uk
Thomas Graham AndersonNovember 8, 1924Born in Falkirk, Skottland
Victor AndersonJanuary 17, 1927Born in St. George, Uk
W. AndersonNovember 8, 1920Born in Aberdeenshire, Skottland
William AndersonJune 22, 1926Born in Greenock, Skottland
William AndersonMarch 25, 1925Born in Kilwinning, Airshire, Skottland
Edwin AndertonNovember 10, 1908Born in Plymouth, England
Joseph Frederick AndertonNovember 13, 1918
Morris AndgeloMay 15, 1926Born in Bialystock, England
Dimitric AndovicAugust 8, 1915Born in George Town, Cayman Island
Adam AndresenJune 1, 1926Born in Glasgow, England
Keane (Andrew) Andrew (Keane)January 23, 1919Lived in 64 Manton Ave., Hanwell, London
Charles AndrewsMay 15, 1924Born in Cardiff, England
Charles William AndrewsSeptember 13, 1924Born in London, England
Dennis AndrewsNovember 28, 1924Born in Stepney, London, England
Edmund P. AndrewsJanuary 14, 1920Lived in Cardiff, England
Frederick AndrewsDecember 2, 1916Born in Cardiff, England
Frederick AndrewsApril 29, 1924Born in Bristol, England
Fred W.C. AndrewsJuly 22, 1923Born in London, England