We have so far registered 72,409 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Peter Robarts (Roberts)November 12, 1922Lived in 4 Leys Villas, Wilney, Oxford
John W. RobbinNovember 22, 1905Born in Leigh
Stanley RobertoFebruary 17, 1923Born in Liverpool
A. RobertsJanuary 24, 1913Born in Liverpool
Allan RobertsApril 13, 1913Born in Menai Beridge
Allan RobertsNovember 15, 1926Born in Cardiff
Arthur RobertsFebruary 20, 1925Born in Andora
Arthur RobertsJuly 13, 1896Born in Leeds
Arthur RobertsAugust 10, 1922Born in London
Arthur RobertsSeptember 25, 1888Born in Glasgow
Ben RobertsJuly 21, 1925Born in Swansea
Brinlay Thomas RobertsDecember 28, 1921Born in Torrypandy
David RobertsApril 18, 1923Born in Port Talbo
David W. RobertsJune 24, 1925Born in Birkenhead
Denis Charles RobertsNovember 10, 1923Lived in Wrescham Wales
Dennis H, RobertsJanuary 15, 1925Born in Birmingham
Derrick Lloyd RobertsApril 25, 1915Lived in Cefn, Southern Wales
E.A. Edward RobertsNovember 21, 1902
Edgar William RobertsBorn in Cardiff
Edward RobertsJuly 1, 1912Born in Rockdale
Edward RobertsJanuary 7, 1924Born in Manchester
Edward RobertsJanuary 3, 1928Born in Liverpool
Edward Jones RobertsFebruary 1, 1922Born in Cemasbay
Eirik RobertsMay 10, 1924Born in Birkenhead
David RobertsenJanuary 30, 1921Lived in Tubich 2, Thonton Fife, Scotland