We have so far registered 71,067 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Thomas LeslieApril 27, 1911Born in Salford
Wilfred LeslieSeptember 10, 1926Born in Halifax
William L. LeslieFebruary 19, 1907Born in Glasgow
George LetchOctober 1, 1924Born in Getysheid
R. Lether
William LetticeAugust 26, 1921Born in London
Alexander LettyOctober 28, 1909Born in Thirkleby
Cecil LevineFebruary 19, 1924Born in London
Benjamin LevittSeptember 7, 1919Born in London
Ernest LevyJuly 8, 1912Born in London
Malcolm LewettApril 8, 1918Lived in 26 Prices Lane, Acton Wiechan, North Wales
William Page, LeApril 25, 1927Born in Guetnsey, England
Albert W. LewingtonMarch 6, 1917Lived in 308 Stafford Road, Caterham, Surrey
Arthur LewisMay 12, 1911Born in Rochdale
Bryn LewisNovember 27, 1923Born in Port Talbot
Calvin Henry LewisMarch 18, 1914Born in Donesthorpe
Clifford LewisFebruary 15, 1918Born in Swansea
David Geoffrey LewisMay 13, 1924Born in Manchester
Donald LewisAugust 25, 1916Born in Cardiff
Edgar LewisJanuary 20, 1912Born in Devodtheith
Ernest LewisSeptember 16, 1919Lived in Cardiff
Freddie LewisApril 3, 1921Born in Port of Spain
F. W. H. LewisMay 11, 1920Lived in 66 The Nursery, Bedmanor, Bristol 3
George LewisMay 22, 1916Born in Birmingham
George LewisAugust 7, 1924Born in Liverpool