We have so far registered 76,038 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Charles BrannonMarch 23, 1925Born in Toronto
Charles Harold BrantonMarch 18, 1928Born in Toronto
William BrantonDecember 20, 1926Born in Toronto
Earl BrashOctober 25, 1915Born in Toronto
Maria B. N. BrasseauAugust 2, 1914Born in Canada
Norman BrewsterAugust 28, 1922
Austin Briand
John BriandSeptember 27, 1921Born in Glace Bay
Joseph BriandDecember 3, 1924Born in Halifax
John A. BrianSeptember 27, 1922
Phillip BrianJanuary 10, 1924Born in River Herbert
Francis BrierleyMarch 13, 1924Born in Brierley
R. Joe BriggsJune 14, 1921Born in Canada
Barbara Lucy Briggs (Ulrichsen)March 26, 1922Born in Ontario, Canada
Edward BrignellSeptember 21, 1921Born in Bridgewater
Henry E. BrisboisApril 25, 1927Born in Montreal
Georg BrissonApril 30, 1919Born in Montreal
Edward C. Britton
William BroadbentNovember 15, 1924Born in Montreal
Kenneth BroadhurstJuly 1, 1925Born in Stratford
Albert Ronald BrownOctober 18, 1925Born in Stratford
Bill BrownLived in 4786 Fraser Ave., Vancouver B. C.
Cawthra Sydney BrownSeptember 5, 1927Born in Nova Scotia
Clyde BrownApril 19, 1915Lived in 66 Golf Ave., St. John N. F., Canada
Earl BrownAugust 23, 1925Born in Ontario