We have so far registered 79,120 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Haakon Martinius NicolaysenJanuary 19, 1887Born in Larvik, Tønsberg
Håkon Norvald NicolaysenJuly 25, 1900Born in Borge
Ingolf Normann NicolaysenOctober 4, 1907Lived in Lien 24, Bergen
Just Charles NicolaysenMarch 14, 1894Born in Sandar
Leif NicolaysenFebruary 26, 1898Born in Porsgrunn
Odd NicolaysenJuly 27, 1917Lived in Sandefjord
Paul NicolaysenMarch 6, 1918Born in Skien
Per NicolaysenMarch 10, 1921Born in Øyestad
Ragnvald NicolaysenMay 9, 1896Born in Skien
Robert NicolaysenJanuary 15, 1896Born in Laksevåg
Thorleif NicolaysenOctober 31, 1921Born in Gjerpen
Gertrud NicolineAugust 19, 1895Born in Hull
Adolf NielsenJune 29, 1897Born in Oslo
Adolf Teodor NielsenFebruary 14, 1880Born in Oslo
Adolph Martinius Nielsen1861Born in Birkenes
Alexander Nicolai NielsenNovember 5, 1863Born in Guldbergsiden, Glemmen
Alf NielsenFebruary 3, 1921Born in Raufoss
Alf Jørgen NielsenSeptember 16, 1918Born in Flosta
Alf Konrad NielsenApril 7, 1895Born in Foynland
Alvild Nicolai NielsenAugust 21, 1855Born in Grimstad
Anders NielsenDecember 26, 1894Born in Dypvåg
Anders NielsenOctober 8, 1878Born in Nøtterøy
Andreas NielsenSeptember 10, 1875Born in Grimstad
Anton NielsenAugust 11, 1908Born in Sandefjord
Anton Bertinius NielsenNovember 4, 1866Born in Fjære