We have so far registered 81,654 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Walter FlomSeptember 25, 1929Born in Brooklyn
Michael FoleyJune 9, 1889Born in England
James ForroAugust 26, 1915Born in Cleveland
Arlin D. FowlerOctober 5, 1915Born in Lehi
Roger FoyeJuly 14, 1927Born in Rapid City
John William FrancisDecember 31, 1920Lived in Rusil Route 3, Independent Missouri, USA
James A. FraserMarch 11, 1928Born in New Hampshire
Nils F. FredriksenJuly 27, 1924Born in Brocklyn
Adolf FuchsJune 15, 1913Born in Brooklyn
Armando de FuentereinaNovember 24, 1923Born in El Salvador
John FusselNovember 8, 1918Born in Ocila, Georg
Francis FussnerJune 24, 1920Born in New York City
Abraham Fye1895Born in St. Thomas, W. I.
Arne FærøyApril 16, 1901
Jean GabrielsenMay 2, 1917Born in Seattle, USA
Robert Nick GallSeptember 19, 1922Born in Ohio
Lillian GansbergApril 17, 1914Born in New York
Helen P. GarlandMarch 14, 1909Born in USA
Grady GauldingApril 11, 1908Born in Texas
Eleanor GaultNovember 6, 1906Born in York, P.A.
Patricia GaultMay 11, 1927Born in Montery
Daniel GaylandAugust 10, 1920Born in Johnson City, USA
Villimina GellermanJune 30, 1915Born in Portland, Oregon
Robert J. GemeinerFebruary 13, 1910Born in New York
Bjørgvin Georg Julius GeorgsenMay 15, 1918Born in Borge i Lofoten