We have so far registered 76,366 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
George IredaleAugust 11, 1920Born in Gateshead
John IredaleJune 1, 1923
George IrelandNovember 27, 1921Born in Linstone
Allan Ireland (Iveland, Freland)October 1, 1927Born in Hull
Henrik Anker IrgensFebruary 10, 1906Born in Oslo
Alfred IrlamApril 7, 1925Born in Manchester
Ali IrmanBorn in Sylhet.
Johan Henrik IrmingerAugust 29, 1920Born in Bergen
Anker S.B. Irsø1907Lived in København, Danmark
David F. IrvineMay 16, 1927Born in Toronto
Leo IrvineOctober 9, 1924Lived in 56 Victoria Rd. Dartmouth
Robert IrvineDecember 21, 1926Born in Dundee
Arthur IrvingSeptember 28, 1917
Harold IrvingJuly 25, 1924Born in Liverpool
Samuel IrvingSeptember 22, 1924Born in Gates, Tyne
Walter IrvingDecember 21, 1914Born in Liverpool
William IrvingOctober 11, 1926Born in Morwell
Raymond IrvinnApril 27, 1926Lived in Newcastle
George IrwinMay 30, 1920Born in Motherwell
Stanley W. IrwingOctober 25, 1911Lived in 26 Shakespare ave Blackhall
Patrick IrwinJune 10, 1923Lived in Post office. Forton Preston Lancs.
Einar Fredrik Conradi IsachsenJune 23, 1905Born in Larvik
Erling IsachsenApril 24, 1920Born in Tønsberg
Godtfred IsachsenMarch 29, 1893Lived in Larvik
Harald Hauge IsachsenNovember 14, 1915Born in London