We have so far registered 76,038 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Donald WilkesJune 21, 1925Born in Middlesex County
Donald WilliamsNovember 23, 1928Born in Toronto
George WilliamsOctober 14, 1923
James WilliamsJanuary 6, 1929Born in Toronto
Kenneth WilliamsJuly 21, 1927Born in New Market
Neville A.S. WilliamsJune 12, 1918Born in New Brunswick
Harry WilliamsonJanuary 5, 1927Born in Ontario
Robert WilliamsOctober 2, 1920Lived in Canso
Robert WilliamsMay 19, 1921Born in Canso, Nova Scotia
Robert H. Wilmore WilliamsJuly 18, 1924Born in Iritin, N.F.
Victor WilliamsDecember 28, 1916Born in Newfoundland
William WilliamsJanuary 18, 1925Born in Toronto
Allistair S. WilsonAugust 28, 1926Born in Hamilton, Ontario
Arstey WilsonNovember 30, 1917Born in New Foundland
Ewing WilsonOctober 26, 1921
John WilsonAugust 28, 1927Lived in 28, Old Mill Rd. Uddingston, Glasgow
John Creigh WilsonJanuary 11, 1924Born in Ottawa
John (Jack) Alfred WilsonNovember 6, 1926Born in Toronto
John Kenneth WilsonApril 9, 1927Lived in 249 St. Ave. Toronto, Ontario
John Michael WilsonApril 5, 1927Born in Toronto
Kenneth W. Wilson
Lee WilsonNovember 20, 1925Born in Copenhagen
Niel WilsonSeptember 15, 1897Born in Bangor, Co.Down
Ronald Wilson
Ronald WilsonJuly 6, 1922Born in Richmond