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Belongs to nationality

NameBuild yearNationalityBildeLoss during WW2
M/S Albertwill1968Liberia flaggLiberia
M/T An Fighter1966Liberia flaggLiberia
DSV Aquamarine1981Liberia flaggLiberia
M/T Argo Daphne1992Liberia flaggLiberia
M/T Argo Hebe1990Liberia flaggLiberia
M/T Argo Pallas1991Liberia flaggLiberia
M/T Argo Thetis1992Liberia flaggLiberia
M/S Balder Alvar1967Liberia flaggLiberia
M/S Berge Captain1983Liberia flaggLiberia
M/S OBO Berge Istra1972Liberia flaggLiberia
M/S Berge Vanga1974Liberia flaggLiberia
M/T Bona Robin1995Liberia flaggLiberia
M/S Bravenes1975Liberia flaggLiberia
M/S Coral Merchant1950Liberia flaggLiberia
M/T Cypress1974Liberia flaggLiberia
M/S Delphic Oracle1959Liberia flaggLiberia
T/T Docecanyon1973Liberia flaggLiberia
M/T Docefjord1986Liberia flaggLiberia
Jack Up Ensco1987Liberia flaggLiberia
M/T Erik Raude1979Liberia flaggLiberia
M/T Etienne Schlumberger1982Liberia flaggLiberia
M/S Ferngolf1980Liberia flaggLiberia
M/S Fondal1979Liberia flaggLiberia
M/T Fortune1986Liberia flaggLiberia
M/S Golar Frost1968Liberia flaggLiberia