We have so far registered 25,251 ships

NameBuild yearBildeLoss during WW2
D/T Cities Service Empire1918Torpedoed, 1942-2-22
T/T Cities Service Fuel1916
T/T Cities Service Kansas1920
T/S City of Alma1920Torpedoed, 1942-6-3
D/S City of Fort Worth1919
D/S City of Hongkong1924
T/S City of Karachi1937Attacked from air, 1941-4-15
M/S City of Lille1928
D/S City of Manila1916Torpedoed, 1942-8-19
D/S City of Philadelphia1919
D/S Clan Macaulay1936
D/S Clara1897
D/S Clifford1917Other cause
D/S Clinton Kelly1943
(Uteflåten) D/S Clio1922
M/T Clio1926
D/S Cloverbrook1922
M/T Clydefield1928
T/S Cochrane1923
D/S Cockerel1904
D/S Cocle 1920Torpedoed, 1942-5-12
D/T Coimbra1937Torpedoed, 1942-1-15
D/S Colabee1920
T/S Cold Harbor1920Torpedoed, 1942-6-15
M/S Colin1921Torpedoed, 1944-4-26