We have so far registered 24,457 ships

NameBuild yearBildeLoss during WW2
M/S Winter Star1979
M/S Winter Sun1979
D/S Wipunen1913
M/S Wiro1948
D/S Wisla1928
Bark Witch1847
M/S With Junior1998
M/S With Junior1971
M/S With Junior1982
M/S With Junior1967
M/S With Junior I1998
M/S Wixo1955
Bark Wladimir1869
T/E W.L.R. Emmet1944
T/T W. M. Burton1918
T/T W. M. Irish1918
D/S W. M. Tupper1917
D/S Woerden1917
M/S Woermann Banniere1980
M/S Wolfgang Russ1975
D/S Woodrow Wilson1943
M/S Woodville1958
M/S Woolgar1970
D/S Woolgar1914Attacked from air, 1942-3-7
D/S Wo Sang1934