Korvett HMS Violet

K- 35
Flower Class
Storbritannia flaggStorbritannia




  • Deltok i 2. verdenskrig
  • Marineskip






  • Historikk:
    v/ Thor Eickstedt


    1x4`` BL Mk IX på CP1 affutasje

    1x1 2 pdr. kanon

    1x4 0,5`` MG )12,7 mm)

    2- 0.303 Lewis MG

    Mannskap: 85 mann



    21 September, ordered under the 1939 emergency war programme.


    21 March, laid down at W. Simons & Co. Ltd., Renfrew; 30 December, launched; 7th Royal Navy ship to be so called, the first dating from 1588.


    3 February, completed; Building time 10 months 3 days; Pennant number K 35; 17 February, arrived Tobermory for work up; 9 March, allocated to Western Approaches Command 12th Escort Group, based on Londonderry; 9th March, convoy duties with OB293, followed by HG55, OB301, HG56, OB311, SC29, HX124/SC30, HX130, OB338 and HX133 29 June, with Arabis, Malcolm, Scimitar and speedwell sunk U-651 in North Atlantic (59-52N, 18_26W); 10 July, transferred to 8th Escort Group; 13 July, further escort for SC36, followed by ON1, HX140, ON6 and HX143; 20 August, refit at Dundee; 26 September, allocated to South Atlantic Command; 10 October, at 03.25 hrs picked up survivors of the Nailsea Manor; 23 October, arrived Freetown; 28 October, arrived Takoradi; 1 November, arrived Lagos.


    January, ran aground at the mouth of the Niger whilst heading for Fernando Po to pick up two small Freighters; 31 January, sailed from Lagos; 8 February, arrived Freetown;9 February sailed for escort duties between Lagos and Freetown with convoy SL100 followed by OS18, Sl102, OS20, SL104, OS22; 15 April sailed from Freetown; 19 April, arrived Takoradi; 25 April, convoy LS3 followed by SL109, LS5, SL112; 8 July, refit at Sheerness (armament 1 x 4 inch, 1 x 2 pdr, 4 x 20mm, 2 x 6 pdr and Hedgehog); 30 September, refit completed; 4 October, allocated to Western Approaches , 36 escort group in the Irish Sea; 22 October, escort for KMS1; 27 November, escort for KS2A; 25 December, 37 Escort Group convoy KMS6.


    11 January, escort for convoy MKS5; 7 February, KMS9; 16 April, to 38 Escort Group, Western Approaches, escort for OS46/KMS13; 25 April, OS46, followed by SL129, OS50, SL133, MKS18, OS53, ST75, STL1 and SL137; 20 October, refit at Sheerness (armament 1 x 4 inch, 1 x 2 pdr, 4 x 20mm, 2 x 6 pdr and Hedgehog).


    3 January, refit completed; 6 January, work up at Tobermory; 15 January, allocated to Eastern Fleet; Sailed from Londonderry to Gibraltar, escorting KMS 39; 19 January, sank U-641 in North Atlantic (50-15N, 18-49W) Convoys OS65/KMS39; 28 January arrived at Gibraltar; 6 February arrived at Port Said; 26 February arrived at Aden; 8 March, convoy duties to and from Aden RV BA64; 18 March, sailed with convoy AB33B to Bombay; 12 April, sailed for Hormuz with BP112; 18 April, PA76 to Aden; 28 April, escorted SM Giada to Colombo; 20 May, JC49A to Chittagong; 28 May, escorted AM3 to Calcutta; 8 June, CJ30A to Colombo; 20 June, JCS52A to Chittagong; 28 June, AM4 to Madras; 5 July, CJ33A to Colombo; 15 July, JC56A to Vizagpanam; 21 July, CJ36 to Colombo; 28 July, MB77 to Bombay; 17 August, BP117 to Hormuz; 24 August, PA to Aden; 8 September, AP74 to Hormuz; 20 September, PB84C to Karachi; 3 October sailed to Aden; 15 November, sailed to Bombay to join the East Indies Fleet; 23 November, BAF6A to Aden; 10 December, AP74B to Hormuz.


    1 February, arrived Bombay to operate between Masirah and Colombo; 21 March, arrived colombo; 31 March arrived Diego Suarez, Madagascar; 7 April, arrived East London for refit; 23 July sailed from Durban for Colombo; 29 July, arrived Diego Suarez, Madagascar; 7 August, arrived Colombo; 22 August, arrived cocos; 27 August, grounded Madagascar; sailed from Colombo after boiler clean to the Cocas Islands in readiness for the invasion of Singapore; 9 September, arrived Cocos; Air-Sea Rescue Patrol off Sumatra and Java, crossing the Equator nine times every four days (setting a record) sailing for 24 hours and drifting for 16 to conserve fuel. 25 September, arrived Cocos; 16 October, arrived Colombo;16 November, arrived Cocos; 1 December, arrived Colombo;


    5 January, sailed from Colombo for UK; 10 February, arrived Harwich to reduce to category C reserve.


    14 October, towed from Harwich after being sold to Zubi Shipping Co., London and renamed La Aguerra.


    Sold to Industrias Pesqueras Africanas SA, Spain and renamed La Guera.


    Sold to Flatamentos Maritimos SA Spain, renamed Claudio Sabadell


    October, broken up at Bilbao in Spain.