M/B Buestein ( SF 52 A)

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  • Deltok i 2. verdenskrig
  • Sivilt skip, Marineskip




  • Historikk:


    "Departed Bulandet, Askvoll on Nov. 20-1941 with 10 people, 2 of whom belonged to the "Shetland Gang", by whom this voyage was organized. Their own boat had been lost earlier on and they came to Bulanded in company of a 3rd man (Kai Liset) where they were assisted and given this boat for the voyage. Buestein arrived Lerwick on the 22nd after having encountered heavy weather.

    These made the crossing:
    Skipper (and part owner of the boat) Konrad Kjempenes and his wife Astrid, a fellow named Gjertsen (from the Scalloway branch) and his girlfriend Borghild, Dagfinn Hugøy, Kai Liset (also from the Scalloway branch), Dagmar Nikøy and Hildur Nikøy and 2 more(?)."