Trygve Narvesen

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Date of birth

September 25, 1896

Date of death

December 17, 1963




Norway flaggNorway



Place of living

Hofsfoss, Hønefoss



Maritime inquiries 1940 - 1945


  • Participant in WW2
  • Ex gratia-arkivet:

    Registernummer under krigen: London 22637, NY 3722.

    Gift med (jf. London-kort): Anna Narvesen.

    Privat arkiv:
    Testimonial, Erling Brønlund, 24. desember 1944:

    "This is to certify that mr. TRYGVE NARVESEN has been chief engineer's Assistent, (4th engineer), on the Norwegian motortankship "GEFION" of Oslo from January 16th 1943 to December 23rd 1944, nearly 2 years.

    Mr. Narvesen has the whole time shown interest in his work, and a very good knowledge in our type og engines, double acting, 2 cycle M.A.N. motor, auxiliary motors and boilers. He is a good mechanician and trustworthy on the job, and is capable of taking similar job in any motorship, any type of motors.

    He is given the best testimonial for "good conduct" while he has been here on board. He is now taking a vacation."

    Etter krigen seilte Narvesen på tankbåter, helt til han i 1954 fikk malaria da båten lå i Suez, Egypt. Da kom han hjem til Norge. Han hadde i noen av de siste årene arbeid på sight-seeing-båter i Oslofjorden.

    Participated in the following historical events 1939-1945:



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